Take Back Your Power, Become Your Own Health Advocate

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This is a talk about THE TRUTH. I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to finding out what is really going on the the food industry, in agriculture, in the big pharmaceutical companies and in our natural resources and environment. And it’s not a pretty picture. With “food-like” products, for sale on grocery store shelves with attractive pricing, marketing and a shelf-life of FOREVER! I say food-like because these products are virtually unidentifiable by the human body and loaded with chemicals. These food-like products are lacking in nutrients and minerals and are often very harmful to the body. If our body can’t identify it, or use it, or digest it, it then becomes stored as a toxin in ever expanding fat cells on the body. This is a major cause of inflammation which is a pre-cursor to many other diseases of the body like heart disease and cancers.

I am passionate about LIVING! Passionate about using this life that I have and that we all have, to the fullest capacity. We all deserve to live our best lives and we all deserve to have access to our fullest potential. This means essentially that in order to live full lives we need to be connected to who we really are.

We need to understand how the mind, body and spirit work, we need to support our health, we need to be able to keep our channels open to receive the full input that we as human beings have been created to receive. To contact me, please email christine@www.livingbetter.me.

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