Berkey Light

Quick Overview

Great for 1-5 People
Storage Capacity: 2.75 gallons
Height: 26.5
Diameter: 9”
Portability: The system stands 21″ when used without the base (included)


The Berkey Light Water Filter

*** New for Aug 2010 – This system model now has the option to come with 4 Black Berkey Filters!

The Berkey Light system is a non-BPA colpolyester designed for use during travel, outdoor activities and during unexpected emergencies, and for home use. This system comes standard with 2 or 4 Black Berkey purification elements, 2 chambers (upper and lower), a base and utilizes the latest technological advances. You can choose between an LED or a non-LED base.

About the Berkey Light Water Filter

This powerful berkey light system purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. Perfect for outdoor activities and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

The shatter resistant and virtually unbreakable Berkey Light filter system is made of high impact strength non-BPA copolyester. This plastic is not manufactured with, or contain any Bisphenol A.

The Berkey Light filter system does not leach foul tasting plasticizers into your water and will not retain foul tastes and odors from waterborne contaminants. As the system purifies water, it produces the delightful and relaxing sound of falling raindrops.

The revolutionary Berkey Light self-sterilizing and re-cleanable purification elements purify water by removing pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and by extracting harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. They also reduce nitrates, nitrites, sediment and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury.

      • Max Filtration Flow Rate:
      • Fluoride Removal: Up to 8 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Filters may be installed in the lower chamber of this system if desired.
      • Comes standard: with 2 Black Berkey Filters, Chambers, Spigot, Lid, Washers, Nuts, Blocking Plugs, and Rubber Gasket

Additional Information

Manufacturer New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.
Capacity 2.75 Gallons
Diameter 9″
Filter Capacity 4
Flow Rate 1.25 Gallons in first hour under regular use conditions when starting full. Max Filtration Flow Rate up to 8 Gallons per hour (4 Elements)
Height 26.5″
Portability The system stands 21 inches when used without the base (included)
Serves 1 – 5 People

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