New Natural Fertilizer Doubles Garden Production!

Natural Fertilizer – Protogrow












There now exists a new bioactive plant “Superfood” so powerful, so effective in its ability to grow ordinary plants into nutritionally dense giants that it has virtually eliminated the need for harsh chemical fertilizers.

   News of this amazing natural fertilizer for plants is sweeping across the country.  The product is called ProtoGrow™ and it”s dynamite in the garden.  In fact, thousands of gardeners are now using this new “superfood” year round to make both indoor and outdoor plants go wild. What it also gives you is…


Nature’s Original Super-Growth Formula!

ProtoGrow™”s ingredients were developed in Maine by a researcher there. The product contains no harmful chemicals whatsoever. Its ingredients are a unique blend of the micronutrients from a very special kelp extract and the macronutrients from North Atlantic fish. (Fish emulsion is a natural source of a large number of major plant nutrients) Why North Atlantic kelp? For years it was a widely held belief that Atlantic kelp extract had almost magical properties. When a plant became exposed to this amazing substance, it grew like crazy!



“ProtoGrow is great for spiking home grown tomatoes with
bio-available minerals like potassium, calcium and boron as well as healing phytonutrients like lycopene and quercetin. Increased glyconutrient content also gives ProtoGrown tomatoes an unbelievable taste.”

Natural Fertilizer for Tomatoes
Grow radishes with Organic Fertilizer

“Radishes are listed in many publications as a ‘food that heals’ and should be full of ionic calcium. When you grow nutrient dense radishes with ProtoGrow… you’ll see and feel the difference!”

“Sure you can grow sweet corn 10 feet high with Protogrow… but wait til you see the ears. Best tasting corn in the world.”

Grow sweet corn with Protogrow
Seaweed Fertilizer - ProtoGrown beets are simply amazing!

“Beets should be jam packed with ionic iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They should also make your mouth water! ProtoGrown beets are simply amazing!”

“Use ProtoGrow” to grow
high-octane grapes oozing with phytonutrients such as resveratrol, quercetin, anthocyanin and catechin. Resveratrol, found primarily in the skin of grapes, has been found in preliminary studies to fight breast, liver and colon cancers. Resveratrol is also believed to play a role in the reduction of heart disease and has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. ProtoGrown grapes tend to be larger and much sweeter with yield increases up to 38%.”

Natural Fertilizer - "Use ProtoGrow™ to grow high-octane grapes oozing with phytonutrients such as resveratrol, quercetin, anthocyanin and catechin.

Researchers at Clemson who investigated this phenomenon discovered through sophisticated testing, that the extract did indeed cause rapid plant growth. They believe it”s because many of the trace minerals in this special kelp have important regulatory functions when applied to land plants.

Actually the way it works is truly extraordinary. Shortly after applying ProtoGrow” with water, nutritional density begins to increase rapidly which results in darker green leaves and increased sugar content. The plant aging process also begins to slow (senescence) thereby lengthening the production season. Plant vigor begins to increase almost immediately and imparts a greater resistance to disease, insect attack, drought and even frost.

Other growth factors in ProtoGrow™ increase the plants mineral uptake, increase bloom set and dramatically increases the size of both flowers and fruit. Additional ingredients build microorganisms in the soil as well as increase the storage life of fruits and vegetables by actually reversing the loss of proteins, chlorophyll and RNA.

Maximum Plant Growth
In Minimum Time!

Natural Fertilizer - Maximum Plant Growth

The new formula contains four enormously effective ingredients which… when combined together… in such a way… that horticulturists call it “synergistic.” This means that… all the ingredients in the new formula are… much more effective at producing high speed plant growth. This is because of the way each ingredient interacts with the other ingredients in the formula. Thus, this unique product produces plants which maximize their genetic potential in a very amazing way.

In fact, ProtoGrow™ is so effective at producing rapid plant growth in record time that it almost forces plants to grow even under the worst light and soil conditions. You can use it on hard-luck plants where you”ve almost given up hope. You can even grow plants in sand and absolutely astound your friends!

ProtoGrow™ also increases micro-organisms in the soil. In fact, some researchers have considered it one of the most important developments in horticulture. Why? The answer is easy. ProtoGrow™ is more than just a plant food. ProtoGrow™ is a proprietary blend of organic nutrients that contain the basic building blocks of life itself!

You No Longer Have To Use Harsh Chemical Fertilizers!
(ProtoGrow™ Replaces Them All)

By now it should be obvious that ProtoGrow™ is no ordinary plant fertilizer. Unlike other garden products, once you apply it there is really very little else to do. You”ll marvel at the way ProtoGrow™ makes plants grow like crazy. You need only follow the simple instructions. That”s it! ProtoGrow™ simply does not allow the plants in your garden or house to remain normal” Period!

Each day you”ll notice absolute visible results as plants grow into giants even under the worst light and moisture conditions. Plants that bloom rarely” now flower constantly! Sickly plants become vibrantly alive, as flowers become more vivid and vegetables grow vigorously right before your eyes!

Who Should Use ProtoGrow™?

  • Flower gardeners who want fantastic new growth and brilliant blooms
  • Vegetable growers who want to sell the sweetest, richest, tenderest produce imaginable
  • Landscapers who need fast shrub and sod growth
  • Backyard herbalists who want to growth herbs with therapeutic properties
  • Wheatgrass junkies who want to drink nutritionalized “High Brix” juice
  • World Class pumpkin growers who need an edge
  • Families who want to be prepared for any crisis should can nutrient-dense foods
  • Home owners who don”t want to give up on “hard-luck” plants
  • Gardeners who want a showplace with a green, lush professional look
  • Indoor gardeners with hard to grow house plants
  • Rose growers who want thousands of vibrant, fragrant blooms instead of hundreds from spring to frost
  • Stewardship minded plant lovers who want to give back rather than strip the soil

A Word Of Caution!

Some plants like rose bushes may grow even more rapidly. Young trees can jump in size in a very short amount of time. Because ProtoGrow” works automatically and is so effective at promoting staggering growth year round, there is a tendency for some gardeners to overdo it. If some plants grow too rapidly, simply skip an application or two.

Company Offers Extraordinary Guarantee!

Solutions From Science is the only company in the United States authorized to sell ProtoGrow”. They have examined the data from research studies as well as gardeners using ProtoGrow” and are convinced that with ProtoGrow” you can achieve the garden of your dreams. They don”t care if you have tried harsh chemical fertilizers before and were disappointed. They have documented the results of skeptical people who now swear by ProtoGrow”.

In fact, as proof that they believe ProtoGrow” is everything they say it is, they offer an extraordinary guarantee, one that they wouldn”t dare make if they had even a single doubt! If you place your order now and then follow the simple instructions for a period of 90 days, you must be completely satisfied with the dramatic results or just return the empty container(s) and Solutions From Science will refund your entire purchase price. (Less shipping and handling of course) No questions asked!

If you”ve tried to grow geraniums and hydrangeas before into giants” if you”ve tried to turn roses into prizewinners and failed” if you”ve tried to grow vegetables into organic monsters and failed” you no longer have an excuse. In fact, from this moment on, forget everything you have ever heard about what fresh vegetables must taste like. Forget anything you have believed about growing truly succulent fruits and vegetables. You”ll thrill your family with the sweetest, juiciest, tenderest vegetables you”ve ever picked. ProtoGrow” is available, it”s easy to use and it works like crazy on any plant!


P.S. One more thing. It”s important. If you use this product as directed you will also grow the best tasting vegetables you have ever eaten. They guarantee it! For some reason fruits and vegetables grown with ProtoGrow” seem to “burst” with flavor and intensity. They think it”s from the combination of increased mineral uptake and the increased “good sugar” content.

P.P.S. ProtoGrow” is also great for growing “medicine strength” herbs.This makes it a great barter item if things ever get bad. What could be more valuable than the ability to grow high potency herbs and nutritionally dense foods?

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