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Often people ask me how I can promote Isagenix and be authentic about my love for real food. Or how can I advocate for people using a supplementation or cleansing system, instead of good old fashioned diet and exercise.

My answer is this: Isagenix IS REAL FOOD and better quality and nutrition than most people know how to find at the grocery store or have the budget or time to shop for. The quality real food ingredients in Isagenix would cost me an arm and a leg, never mind time and effort, to go and purchase and whip up recipes or juices for. Plus there are added minerals, vitamins and digestive enzymes which we just don’t see in our “real food” supply these days, even when buying organic. I love the ease of using quality undenatured protein shakes, the preparation and clean up is so easy and fast and I have time left to go for a walk on my lunch break or to the gym before or after breakfast. I also believe that because of the poor and often toxic soil, and the nutrient and mineral loss in the soil, our veggies are poor quality and that that all people NEED to supplement with minerals and vitamins to stay healthy for the long term. These minerals also keep the body alkaline. The shakes have been formulated to raise glutathione levels in the body helping us to naturally detoxify harmful toxins, pesticides, chemicals that we come across in our environment and whenever we eat or drink at someone’s house or a restaurant. As well, the high quality protein shakes help us to build clean, lean muscle mass while keeping us in fat burning mode. I will tell you that my prepared dinners cost a lot more in so many ways and I am not always sure I am getting the same quality and absorption from even my own cooked dinners with the finest ingredients (non-GMO, organic, fresh, local). I LOVE cooking and preparing great meals and I look forward to meals, often preparing them ahead on weekends. But the ease and quality of the Isagenix complete meal shakes, soups and protein bars offer such ease and great nutrition that I can appreciate and feel in my body and see in my skin, energy, hair, nails and muscle tone.

Also, exercise has always been a chore for me. Fitting it in and sticking to it have been areas of self-sabotage for me. But I work at it everyday and I develop consistent daily habits that support me. Like choosing exercise I love, like walking out in nature, hula hooping and bowling in a league. Once in a while I work out on the machines in the gym and often I use the treadmill at the gym, but it takes real dedication to keep up this effort. Isagenix helps me maintain my weight, muscle tone and metabolism when I fall off track. If it were not for Isagenix in the past year when I have been going through some difficult and emotional times, I’d likely weigh a lot more and feel horrible. It has been an easy, saving grace.

For instance, I recently joined a “30 Day Squat Challenge & Lower Body Blast for a BANGIN’ BOOTY!” and as much as I want a bangin’ booty, I can’t seem to get myself to do the daily regime. Not even Day One. It’s just not my thing, maybe I would do better with friends but, taking this list of day one exercises to the gym or to my living room floor and doing it EVERYDAY for 30 days, just is not going to happen! To me, this is something a REALLY DEDICATED FITNESS GURU would do, someone who knows what a mountain climbing burpee is, and can do them well and often. Maybe that will be me one day, and I am trying… but my point is, with minimal exercise and the right nutrition and supplementation, I AM building lean muscle mass and having fun revving my metabolism and feeling great.

I meet myself where I am at, and that is also what I do for my clients. I understand how and why people gain weight, I understand what we are up against in terms of the “food” industry, the chemicals, toxins and heavy metals in our food, air and water and how much STRESS people are under to make a living and to juggle all the balls in our lives time and energy wise. I advocate for healthy solutions THAT WORK, WITH EASE, and that create space in our lives for us to show up for ourselves.

I created the Regain the Healthy You program, because I wanted to teach what I needed to learn for myself. It’s an easy program that works and most of all it’s fun, it keeps you on track and it’s simple. It’s just a facebook group with daily coaching and tips that you can check into whenever you like. I don’t send you emails, you don’t have to listen to audios, it’s really simple. And so are the Isagenix systems. Because I believe in getting the basics down.

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