Big seed companies ignored evidence showing it is possible to solve the world’s food crisis without the use of GM crops or fertilisers













We have all been sold a lie, yet again. We are constantly being told that the only solution to solving the world’s food shortages is to use enormous amounts of fertilizers or genetically modified seeds that produce “super” crops. What we are not being told is that we do not need either of these two options to solve the worldwide crisis in food production, all we need to do is give seeds a little magnetic tickle.

That is right, that is all we need to do. No nitrates, no genetics, no toxic chemicals, no damage to our health or to the natural balance of nature. Just a simple tickle of tiny amounts of magnetism.

One of the authors of a study into crop growth through magnetic stimulation, Angel De Souza, wrote to me after reading the research in my book, Blinded by Science,( which proved that magnetism was the long term solution. He wanted to share his disbelief as to why seed companies showed no interest in his research.

“We developed a technology of magnetic treatment to improve the vigour of tomato, lettuce and onion seeds, rate and germination uniformity, growth, emergency and seedling vigour under field conditions as well as crop yields and quality of harvest… Also, this technology increases protection against the stress of heat and pathogens.

In further correspondence he went on to say that he published a paper in an official seed journal to promote his research in 2010, proving it was possible to increase seed germination and growth of yield of tomatoes. This piece of research fell on deaf ears. No seed company was interested.

This is almost an act of crime against humanity!

So start asking yourself this question, what is the motive behind all of this. It can only be one thing, profits. What can we do about it? Start a media campaign and spread the word, let everyone know what is being done and put pressure on supermarkets, retail outlets and specifically seed companies to let them know that we don’t want to eat food grown with chemicals of plants that are genetically modified in any way. We want natural.
If this means that they don’t make enormous profits then so be it as humanity will be the big benefactor, not only for you, but for your children and your children’s children.

De Souza A, Garcia D, Sueiro L, Gilart F, Porras E, Licea L (2006) Pre-sowing magnetic treatments of tomato seeds increase the growth and yield of plants. Bioelectromagnetics, 27, pp. 247-257.

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“Extremely low frequency non-uniform magnetic fields improve tomato seed germination and early seedling growth” Seed Science and Technology 2010.

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