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If you ever take antibiotics, then you need to learn about probiotics and how they can help your body recover from the internal warfare ignited from antibiotic use. To be more clear, antibiotics are responsible for destroying both the bad and good bacteria in your gut; probiotics help restore these trillions of beneficial and quite necessary bacteria.

Today’s medical doctors are quick to dole out all sorts of prescriptions. But, the antibiotic has become their go-to choice in their pharmaceutical arsenal. If you have an infection of some kind, and you go see a doctor, you will leave with a script for antibiotics. But, they often send you home with a prescription for these bacteria-killers without even knowing for sure what it is they are treating. Further, they don’t tell you that antibiotics can lead to depression, cause mental illness, and negatively affect behavior.

Antibiotics work by killing bacteria, but they don’t discriminate. They kill all bacteria, and as mentioned, not all bacteria is bad. Your body depends on bacteria to aid in digestion, work with immune health, and balance your internal ecosystem. In fact, gut health, which is what’s being affected here, has a direct link to chronic illness and overall health.

Probiotics help by repopulating some of this beneficial bacteria.

If you must take antibiotics, take probiotics too. The former should not be taken without the latter, or you’ll open yourself up to other infections and candida (yeast).

You can find probiotics naturally in several foods. Fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut are teeming with these beneficial bacteria. Similarly, yogurt “with active cultures” is a good source. If you prefer supplements, probiotics are available there too.

While antibiotics are often taken without just cause, taking probiotics can minimize their damage. If you’re really interested in keeping your body running efficiently with as little unnatural damage as possible, consider natural antibiotics like garlic, manduka honey, and Echinacea. The human body is an amazing thing, perfectly crafted to fight infection. When we give our immune system the right environment (through healthy diet, exercise, etc.), it can successfully combat many illnesses that doctors target with antibiotics.

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